Rules and Q&A

You have a question, we probably have the answer!


  1. The site is entirely non-smoking in accordance to the provincial law 44.
    BUT, smokers will be able to use the designated areas provides around the site.
  2. It is forbidden to bring folding chairs or any other similar equipment on the site.
    BUT, you will find everything you need on our heated terraces.
  3. No food or beverage, alcoholic or not, brought from outside will be permitted within the festival grounds except for water bottles.
    BUT, tens of exhibitors will be there satisfy your taste buds.
  4. No animal is allowed on the site except for MIRA guide dogs.
    BUT, it would give your pet a rest.
  5. Moderation is highly promoted on the site.
    BECAUSE, this way, you can remember this incredible event!
  6. For security reasons, the personnel reserves the right to search all bags. All confiscated objects will be kept by the organization and given back to their owner upon request.
    BUT, it will be done tactfully and respectfully.


What Are the Festival Opening Hours?
Can I Bring My Own Glass?

The official Caribü glass is the only glass allowed on the site.

How Much Do Tastings Cost?

The tastings prices are determined by the exhibitors. A tasting costs, on average, between $2 and $6.

Do We Pay for Tastings in Cash or With Coupons?

Caribü does not use coupons, all transactions on the site are done in cash directly with the exhibitors.

Will There Be ATMs on The Site?

Yes, however the ATMs are inside the festival area. Make sure you have cash on you to purchase your admission or buy it on our online ticket office

Can I Bring a Lunch?

Out of respect for the exhibitors, food from outside is prohibited on the site. However, you can bring a reusable water bottle.

Are Children Allowed on The Site?

Children under 18 are allowed on the site. However, be aware that no family services will be provided.

When I Buy my Glass Online, Is It Shipped?

No, you will retrieve your glass at the festival ticket office. In order to do so, you must bring your printed receipt or the electronic version and show it when you arrive on the site.

Where Can I Park My Car?

There are no exclusively designated parking lots for Caribü. We suggest you use one of the parkings next to the site

Is There Any Corporate Rate?

Yes! Contact us here.

What Happens in Case of a Snow Storm or Extreme Cold?

All activities are maintained unless the bad weather affects the safety of visitors and exhibitors (in this case, we will post an announcement on our Facebook page). Make sure you have warm clothes!

What Do I Do if I Lose an Object on The Site?

All objects will be sent to the tickets office.

If An Object is Confiscated by Security, How Do I Get it Back?

At the end of each day, confiscated objects will be sent to the tickets office.

Can I Bring My Pet on the Site?

Pets are strictly forbidden on the site except for MIRA guide dogs.

Is There a Drive Home Service on the Site?

Absolutely! The Tolérance 0 Rive-Sud drive home program will be on site to drive you home if necessary.

Is the Site Easily Accessible For Visitors with Reduced Mobility?

Yes, of course!  However, note that the festival is happening outside and we cannot control the weather.

Is The Site Entirely Exterior?

Yes, but several terrace heaters will keep you warm!